Common Child Ear Infection Complications

If you have a child, then you likely know that medical ailments come and go. This includes viruses and infections. Some children are especially prone to ear infections. You may know that some of these infections will go away on their own. While this is true, this is not always the case, especially when it comes to the most severe infections. If you suspect that your child has an ear infection, then it it wise to take them to see a pediatrician or a family practice professional as soon as possible.

Avoiding The Pain: Migraine Causes You Should Know About

Migraine headaches are widely regarded as one of the worst pains you can experience short of losing a limb, yet are relatively common; among Americans, 37 million have been diagnosed with migraine headaches, with around 3 million of those sufferers having chronic migraines (chronic migraines being those that occur for 15+ days a month over the course of three months). But what can cause these all-too-common head pains? If you're wondering what started your migraines (or what to avoid in order to have them pass you by), then here's what you need to know.


The thought of having a colonoscopy performed may tempt some individuals to postpone it as long as possible. However, this test is important in catching colorectal cancers at their early stages. These types of cancers may take years to develop with few or no symptoms until they reach an advanced stage that is difficult to treat and often fatal. Fortunately, colorectal cancer can be treated with great success in its earliest stages, but a colonoscopy is needed to detect its presence.

Emergency Rooms And Urgent Care Centers Aren't The Same: Learn The Differences

When it comes to after-hours medical concerns, some people approach the idea from an emergency room or urgent care center mindset, instead of an emergency room vs. urgent care. Confused yet? These two facilities aren't the same and are designed to serve different needs. In most instances, urgent care facilities are better equipped to meet the need of most people that find themselves in this scenario. Make sure you understand the difference between the two.

Stair Lift Funding For Veterans And Other Elderly Persons

There is no denying the benefit you can gain if you use a stair lift when you are a veteran with disabilities and there is a staircase in your home that's difficult for you to climb. Using a stair lift to glide up or down with ease prevents you from falling down the staircase and sustaining an injury. However, the cost of a stair lift is quite expensive, and you'd probably have to pay several thousand dollars for a straight stair lift and even more for a curved stair lift.