Know What To Expect: No Guesswork In Plastic Surgery With 3D Imaging

More Americans struggle with body image issues, which have led to a spike in plastic surgeries being performed from 2.1 million procedures performed in 1997 to 9.2 million procedures performed in 2011. Many patients often get multiple surgeries to correct previous ones that may not have turned out how they had hoped. With 3D imaging plastic surgery, the guesswork can be completely eliminated, and you'll know what to expect every single time.

2 Cosmetic Procedures That Will Help You Restore Confidence In Your Smile

Everyone knows that dental health is important, but would you be surprised to discover that tooth decay is the second most common disease in the United States? If left unchecked, decaying teeth can lead to serious infection and become unsightly. If you have teeth that you are afraid to show in public, then a trip to a cosmetic dentist might be just the thing to restore your confidence once again. Here are two popular procedures you can take advantage of to help you love your smile once again.

How Vision Therapy Works

Lenses and eye surgery can correct many vision problems, but some eye problems cannot be fixed by glasses, contacts or laser treatment. In fact, some people may have 20/20 vision and still require vision therapy. The treatment, also known as vision training, can help correct a variety of issues from amblyopia to various eye strain and fatigue issues. What Vision Therapy Is Your individual experience with vision therapy will vary depending on what you need.

Tips For Writing And Giving A Eulogy

So, you've been given the honor of being asked to speak at a funeral. While you may feel honored that you were chosen, you will also feel a sense of fear and anxiety, because speaking in a room full of people who are mourning can be overwhelming. But there are some things you can do in order to get through the process and give a eulogy that is deserving of the person who passed away.

Transgender Reproductive Care: What You Need To Know About Going To The OB/GYN

Being transgender in America is not always easy. You are often met with confusion, a lack of acceptance, and even open discrimination. However, you do not let this negativity keep you from getting dressed and walking out your front door every day. Nor should you allow it to prevent you from seeking out necessary, high quality medical care. As a transgender individual, whether you are female-to-male or male-to-female, regular trips to the OB/GYN (obstetrician-gynecologist) are a medical necessity.