Understanding Why The Qualitative Fit Test Is Important

If you work in the medical field, then it is highly likely that you will need to go through some special types of processes and procedures to ensure that your personal protective equipment is up to par when it comes to keeping you safe from infections. And this includes the qualitative fit test that is needed when it comes to fitting you for an N95 mask. Keep reading to learn why the test is important.

4 Advantages Of Visiting A Walk-In Clinic

Feeling your best will mean taking care of your health. There are many ways to do this, but one may be by seeking medical attention. Whether you are getting a routine test or having a more urgent medical situation, you'll want to rely on a walk-in clinic to assist you. There are many advantages of doing so and knowing what these are may be helpful. 1. No appointment necessary You may have an emergency without time to make an appointment.

What Are Your First-Trimester Abortion Options?

The decision to end a pregnancy is an incredibly difficult and personal one. Whether you're still doing your research or have made up your mind as to how you'd like to proceed, you may be interested in the mechanics of how pregnancy is ended during the first trimester. Read on to learn more about your first-trimester abortion options. Option #1: Medication-Induced Abortion Many pregnancies that are detected early—before six to eight weeks—are ended through a medication-induced abortion.

What To Know About Getting A Vascetomy

Whether you are done with having children or don't want any at all, there are a variety of methods that can prevent pregnancy. One very effective way to prevent pregnancy is through a vasectomy. A vasectomy is a type of sterilization procedure that involves blocking or cutting the vas deferens tube which keeps sperm out of the semen thus preventing pregnancy. This method is nearly 100% effective at preventing pregnancy and is also meant to be permanent.

Two Things You Can Do Right Now To Cut Down On Your Back Pain

If you have lower back pain you should know that you're not alone. It is said that approximately eighty percent of adults deal with lower back pain at some point in their lives. The pain can be so debilitating that it causes you to miss work and maybe even be forced to draw disability. If you have lower back pain but haven't yet reached the chronic level which is often harder to treat you should know that there is hope.