These Pain Management Strategies Can Help When You're Deep In A Migraine

If you suffer from migraines, it is important to work with a neurologist and other specialists to find a combination of medications and treatments that reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines. These measures can be very effective, but you may still get the occasional migraine. When you are deep within the pain of a migraine, though, you sometimes need some other, more immediate strategies for managing the pain. Here are a few strategies you can employ.

Cold Therapy

"Cold therapy" is a fancy term for "hold an ice pack on it." Migraines are often related to inflammation, and cold therapy can help bring down inflammation — which, in turn, will help alleviate the pain you are experiencing. If you have a flexible ice pack, that will work. Otherwise, use a bag of frozen vegetables. You can alternate between holding the ice pack on your forehead and on your neck since many migraines either originate from or are made worse by neck stiffness.


You've probably heard that caffeine can trigger migraines, so as a migraine sufferer, you might avoid it in your daily life. But while it is true that regular caffeine use can cause or worsen migraines, taking in some caffeine when you're in the depths of a migraine already can actually help ease your pain. This is why a lot of over-the-counter migraine treatments contain caffeine along with the pain relief ingredient. You can drink a cup of coffee, a caffeinated soda, or an energy drink. You are likely to notice a reduction in the pain within a few minutes.

Pressure Point Treatment

Another option for migraine pain relief is pressure point therapy. When you use this therapy, you can basically apply pressure in areas where nerves are located that are associated with migraine pain. There are a few pressure points to try:

The flap of skin between your thumb and forefinger: Pinch both sides of this flap of skin between your fingers. Hold to the count of 10, and then release. Repeat several times.

Where your ear meets your temple: This pressure point is really helpful for pain in your jaw and skull during a migraine. Press down on it to the count of 10, release, and repeat.

Between caffeine, pressure point therapy, and cold therapy, there are plenty of instant-relief pain management options for migraines. Talk to a local doctor to learn more about pain management treatments and other options.