Pregnancy Care Tips For Women Over 35

Women are often warned that pregnancy after the age of 35 can be more challenging and is more likely to come with complications. However, many women can and do have healthy pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies after the age of 35. If you would like to be one of them, it is very important that you work with your doctor and also follow the steps below.

Watch your sugar intake.

Gestational diabetes occurs when your cells become resistant to insulin during pregnancy. The older you are when you become pregnant, the greater your risk of developing gestational diabetes, which can lead to additional complications, including a heavy birth weight for your baby. Your doctor will test you for gestational diabetes during your pregnancy, but you should still take steps to reduce your risk. The most important of those steps is to watch your sugar intake. Avoid sugary treats, and eat fewer processed foods, which are often loaded with hidden sugars. 

Stay active, but don't over-exercise.

It is really good to stay active while pregnant. Not only does it reduce your risk of gestational diabetes, but it also keeps your muscles strong, which will make for an easier labor. What you do not want to do, though, is over-exercise. Running marathons, biking 100 miles, or going on 5-hour hikes might be okay for younger women, but as a mother-to-be over 35, you are better off taking things a bit easier. Walking, swimming, and basic aerobics are all good, safe exercises that will work multiple muscles at once without putting your baby at risk.

Get plenty of sleep.

You've probably noticed that as you've become older, you get tired more often. Pregnancy will make you feel even more tired! Rest is important for all expecting mothers, but especially for those over the age of 35. Make sleep a priority. Set a bedtime, and make sure you are in bed by that time each day. Curate good sleep conditions so that your sleep is restful, too. Turn the lights off, make sure the room is a comfortable temperature, and stay off screens for an hour before bed. Getting plenty of rest will help you avoid pregnancy complications and will help ensure your baby develops well.

Pregnancy after 35 can be a bit more challenging than pregnancy at a younger age, but if you take good care of yourself and visit the doctor regularly, you can do it! 

To get more pregnancy help, contact a medical provider.