Kids Are Heading Back To School: Tips To Help Your Child Avoid Sports-Related Injuries This Year

If your child is going to be involved in school sports this year, it's time to get them prepared for the action. Most kids have been out of school for several months, which means their bodies might be ready to participate in sports. Unfortunately, that can put them at an increased risk for sports-related injuries. Before your child gets back into the game this next season, here are four steps you need to take. These steps can help to reduce your child's risk for sports-related injuries. 

Start the Season With a Complete Physical

If your child will be participating in school sports this year, they'll need to start with a physical. Under normal circumstances, a basic sports physical would suffice. But, your child probably hasn't participated in organized sports for several months. Your child's health may have changed during that time. Because of that, it's important that you arrange for your child to have a complete physical prior to the start of the new season. To ensure maximum safety for your child, schedule the appointment with a sports medicine doctor. That way, you know your child is ready for the physical exertion required for organized sports.

Arrange for Preseason Physical Therapy

If your child hasn't participated in organized sports since schools closed down last spring, give them the head start they need for the new year. One good way to do that is to get your child involved with a physical therapy program. Sports therapy is the best way to make sure your child's muscles and joints are ready to participate in sports again. Without preseason physical therapy, your child is more likely to suffer sports-related injuries once they start playing again.

Encourage Kids to Try Other Sports

If your child is like most, they have one specific sport that they participate in on a regular basis. Letting your child participate in the sport they like is a good way to keep your child active. But, it's also a good way to increase your child's risk for sports injuries. This is especially true now that your child has been inactive for several months. To get your child's joints and muscles moving, and to avoid injuries related to repetitive motion, encourage them to participate in a variety of sports.

Get Them Involved in Conditioning

Finally, if your child is getting back into organized sports after an extended absence, get them involved in a good conditioning program. Conditioning programs can help to reintroduce your child's body to the rigors of organized sports.

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