Skin Issues That Should Compel You To Arrange A Pediatric Visit

Your child's pediatrician should be the first point of contact when you notice that your child has a skin issue. While you may eventually wish to see a dermatologist — and, in fact, the pediatrician may refer you to one — starting by visiting the pediatrician is best because he or she has a solid overview of your child's health. While you might be eager to research your child's symptoms online and attempt to treat the issue yourself, you shouldn't hesitate to seek the care of a physician. Here are some skin issues that should compel you to visit the pediatrician.


If you believe that your child has come down with chickenpox, you'll definitely want to visit the pediatrician. The doctor will want to look at the severity of this skin condition and talk to you about caring for it. Depending on the age of the child, the pediatrician will also talk to your child about understanding this skin condition and managing it. For example, the pediatrician will empathize with your child that his or her skin itches, but remind him or her that it's best to avoid scratching these itches, as it can only make the discomfort more intense.


Children can get eczema on several parts of their bodies, including their hands, arms, and even their faces. Characterized by red patches that itch and often appear inflamed, eczema is a relatively common skin condition for which it's valuable to make an appointment with the child's pediatrician. You'll learn about caring for this skin condition, which you can do by administering ointment, as well as how to keep your child from making it worse. For example, certain types of skin products, including soap, can actually dry out the affected areas and worsen the symptoms.


If you believe that your child has a wart on his or her hand or foot, or perhaps even elsewhere, it's a good idea to see the pediatrician. While this doctor may eventually refer the child to a dermatologist, many pediatricians can effectively treat warts — and can also tell you the products to buy to treat the issue yourself at home. For example, topical cream can be effective to burn away the wart, as can freezing products that you can often buy at a your local pharmacy. If your child experiences any other type of skin condition, you shouldn't hesitate to visit the pediatrician promptly.

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