Unique Ways To Fight Off Plaque Formation

If you know a little bit about the teeth and how cavities develop, then you may know that plaque and tartar are brimming with bacteria. These bacteria then feed on sugars and create acids that eat away at the tooth enamel. This means that one of the key steps in fighting cavity formation is to make sure that plaque is not developing in the first place. While most people understand that brushing and rinsing are good ways to prevent plaque buildup, there are some other ways to keep plaque at bay. 

Consume Polphenols

You may have heard of the term polphenol before. Polyphenols are sometimes called tannins and they are antioxidants. These micronutrients can be found in tea, wine, coffee, and cranberry juice. These nutrients do many things for the health of the oral cavity. They combat the acids in the mouth that help cavities develop. They help to wash away bacteria with the assistance of the fluid being consumed and they also create a sort of flim or barrier on the teeth where plaque and bacteria are unable to stick. 

You should understand that polyphenol containing fluids are acidic, so while they do help to stop the acidic activity of the bacteria in your mouth, they can drop the pH level of the mouth. This is one reason it is wise to rinse with a bit of water after consuming one of the polyphenol rich beverages. Also, tannins or polyphenols can cause a bit of tooth discoloration, so you may want to use some whitening toothpaste if you notice a bit of yellowing of the teeth.

Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is one food that is commonly touted for its health benefits. It is an oil that is healthy for the heart and it has been found to be a good cooking oil since it is an unsaturated variety. Olive oil has also been found to contain an antibacterial agent called oleuropein. This material acts as a barrier as it covers the teeth and this keeps both plaque and bacteria from clinging to the dental enamel. Specifically the fat molecules in the olive oil creating a film.

Dietary fats like olive oil also assist in neutralizing acids from the bacteria that cause cavities, so this provides you with an additional way to fight off cavity formations.

Other oils can offer some of the same plaque fighting benefits, so consider using another type of healthy oil if you do not like to use olive oil for cooking. Contact a family dentist for more help.