Stair Lift Funding For Veterans And Other Elderly Persons

There is no denying the benefit you can gain if you use a stair lift when you are a veteran with disabilities and there is a staircase in your home that's difficult for you to climb. Using a stair lift to glide up or down with ease prevents you from falling down the staircase and sustaining an injury. However, the cost of a stair lift is quite expensive, and you'd probably have to pay several thousand dollars for a straight stair lift and even more for a curved stair lift. There are opportunities for veterans as well as other elderly individuals to obtain stair lift funding.

Funding Opportunity If Disability Is Military-Related

If you suffered a disability while serving in the military, your VA healthcare insurance in all likelihood will cover the costs of a stair lift as a medical necessity. Visit your local VA or call them up to obtain information about stair lift funding. The VA will thereafter arrange to visit you at home to conduct an evaluation skills test. You may also be eligible for a state grant when you're a veteran with a permanent service-connected disability. A Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) funding will cover this state grant.

Funding If Disability Is Not Related To Military Service

Even if your disability did not occur while you were in the military, funding is still available for you from a VA Aid Attendance Benefit. Your eligibility for a VA pension also enables you to obtain a stair lift if you need aid and attendance by someone or if you're housebound. You also have the option of seeking state programs that will cover a stair lift for you to remain living in your home through a program known as Veterans Directed Home And Community Based Services (VD-HCBS). The program is often referred to as a barrier-free environment.

Medicaid Pays For A Stair Lift

Medicaid will generally pay for a stair lift as long as there is proof you'll benefit from living in your home rather than living in a nursing home. You'll have to fill out a required HCBS waiver that enables seniors like you to remain in your home by covering the costs of the stair lift as a home modification. Each state differs in its modification clause. Make sure you check out this clause with your state's Medicaid o office to ensure your entitlement for a stair lift.

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