Tips for Choosing the Right Mask for Your CPAP Machine

If you have been diagnosed with a sleep apnea condition, then your doctor may have informed you that you should invest in a CPAP machine. A CPAP machines or a continuous positive airway pressure device is a piece of medical equipment that helps you to breathe while you sleep. Specifically, the device helps to keep your airway open so you can bring oxygen into the body.

CPAP machines come with a wide variety of different mask options. It can be hard to choose just the right mask if you have never used a CPAP machine before. Keep reading to learn about some tips that will help you to choose the right one.

Try a Nasal Pillow

Many CPAP machines are fitted with full facial masks. These masks fit tightly over the mouth and nose. While some people do not have a problem with these masks, other individuals feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable with a mask covering a large portion of the face. If you think that this may be an issue for you, then you can opt for a device that features a nasal mask alone. The mask is called a nasal pillow.

Nasal pillows are typically more comfortable, but they create less pressure than standard facial masks. This means that they may not be the best choice if you have a more serious case of sleep apnea. Mild to moderate cases can be treated well with the masks though.

When choosing the nasal pillow, you should note the type of straps that come attached to the device. While you may be able to get away with a single strap with a full CPAP mask, nasal pillows often has two or more straps. It is likely that a strap will fit around the forehead and one will sit just above the ears. Forehead brackets or rests are also generally attached too, so keep this in mind when looking at the nasal pillow masks.

Find the Right Size

Whether you want a traditional CPAP mask, a full facial mask, or a nasal pillow, you will need to make sure the mask is the right size for your face. This is extremely important when it comes to proper function and good comfort. Many CPAP mask manufacturers have sizing charts and guides to help you figure out which mask is best for you. These guides have specific measurements that tell you exactly how wide and tall each mask is.

Before you can choose the best size, you will need to take some facial measurements. Nose size can be measured if you want a nasal pillow. If you want a traditional mask, then you will need to measure the width of the mouth as well as the length of the face from the bridge of the nose to the bottom lip. To get an accurate measurement or size, companies like Medi-Rents & Sales Inc could help.