Trouble With Dry Eyes? Try Making These Changes Before Visiting The Eye Doctor

If there is one common complaint that brings people in for an unplanned visit with their eye doctor, it is dry eyes. Dry eyes can be aggravating enough to affect your vision and even make it feel like you are constantly having to reach for the eye drops just to get through a typical day. However, before you call up your optometrist for an appointment, you should know that a lot of times, dry eyes can be remedied by making a few changes in your daily routine. Take a look at these changes you should try making for a few days to see if you notice a difference in how dry your eyes feel. 

Try avoiding perfumes, colognes, body sprays, and other scented personal items. 

It is not at all uncommon for the chemicals and fragrances in some health and beauty products to have a negative impact on the eyes. This is sometimes caused by allergens that some people are more sensitive to than others, but in a lot of cases, it is the components and ingredients that are directly causing irritation. Try skipping your usual perfume, body spray, or even hairspray for a few days to see if there is a change in the dryness of your eyes.

Skip the eyeliner and mascara for a few days or try switching brands. 

Eyeliner and mascara are usually considered safe for the eyes, but it can definitely cause dryness for some people more so than others. If you usually wear this form of eye makeup on a daily basis, try skipping this step in your beauty routine for a day or two. If you absolutely do not want to go out without eyeliner and mascara on your eyes, try switching to a different brand. Look for a brand that has more natural ingredients and see if that helps. 

Cut back on screen time. 

Whether it is your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or television, watching screens for extended periods of time means you are blinking less than you normally would, which can cause problems with dry eyes. Try cutting back on screen time by an hours or two every day to see if you notice any changes in how dry your eyes are at the end of the day. If this is not possible, try to be more conscious of how often you are blinking while you are screen watching. Sometimes just reminding yourself to blink more often will help re-moisten the eye and prevent dryness from occurring.