2 Tips For Keeping Your Fixed Upper Jaw Expansion Appliance Clean

A fixed upper jaw appliance is a bit different than a removable appliance since it cannot be removed without the help of your dentist. Many fixed upper jaw expansion appliances involve attaching wires around your teeth and near your gum lines. This makes it easier for food and bacteria to latch onto the device. Some of these contaminants often go unnoticed for a number of weeks. Unlike a removable appliance, you cannot just rinse the device under running water. By this time, you may have developed a bacterial infection or other dental issues. Therefore, it is important to solidify your oral care routine to ensure that your fixed upper jaw expansion appliance is always clean. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to keep your fixed appliance clean.

Follow your Meals By Brushing Your teeth

A simple way to ensure that your fixed device does not contain bacteria buildup is by increasing how often you brush your teeth. While wearing your fixed upper jaw expansion appliance, you should be brushing your teeth immediately after every meal. Removing the leftover food in your mouth as soon as possible will help to thwart bacteria buildup. When brushing your teeth you want to make sure that you brush the dental appliance as well. Use your usual soft bristled toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your entire mouth after eating. Focus on your gum line since this is where a lot of bacteria often buildups much easier.

Fill Your Water flosser with Mouthwash

A water flosser is seen as a viable alternative to traditional flossing thread. The water flosser is often used when wearing an orthodontic appliance since it has no problem cleaning hard reach areas. In order to make the water flosser, more effective you can fill it with a commercial mouthwash instead of water. A commercial mouthwash will not only dislodge food buildup but it will also kill off any bacteria buildup that is present in your appliance. Simply use the water flosser the same way you usually would and concentrate on your fixed upper jaw expansion appliance. Use the water flosser before bed and first thing when you wake up to ensure that your device is always clean.

Practicing good oral care habits is the key to maintaining a clean fixed upper jaw expansion device. Therefore, use these tips to make sure that you are able to do this successfully.