3 Hair Removal Options And Their Benefits

One of the hardest parts about choosing a hair removal treatment option is actually narrowing down your choices as there are a large number of options out there that all offer their own unique pros and cons. Listed below are three hair removal options to consider and the benefits that they can provide.

Hair Removal Cream

One of the more popular hair removal options is the use of a hair removal cream. This option has you applying a layer of cream to the hair that you wish to remove, at which point the chemicals in the cream will actually dissolve the hair right down to the surface of the skin. One of the biggest benefits to this approach is that you can simply do it yourself from the comfort of your own home, which also makes this one of the least expensive hair removal options as you are not paying anyone to perform the hair removal treatment.

However, the chief downside to this approach is that the hair does not remain gone for very long. Since the root is not dealt with when using a cream, the hair will usually regrow in just a few days.


Waxing is probably the most common hair removal method out there, and for good reason when you consider just how effective this method is. This method has either you or a professional placing warm wax onto the hairy areas, applying a strip, and then pulling the strip off. This results in much of the hair in that area being pulled out at the root, which means that the hair will take several weeks to regrow.

Now, the main concern that many people have with this option is that it can be quite painful. The good news is that the pain will actually lessen over time so future appointments will never be as painful as your first visit.

Laser Removal

Finally, one of the best hair removal options available to you is laser treatments, mostly because this is one of the few options that can help you eliminate the hair permanently. A laser is used to completely destroy the hair follicle, but the hair will not typically fall out for several days or weeks following the treatment. In addition to offering permanent hair removal, this option has the benefit of being the most cost-effective over time as you will not need to use any hair removal products or treatments ever again.

The biggest downside to this treatment option is that it can often be a bit painful. However, this isn't that big of an issue when you consider that you will never have to deal with hair removal in the treated areas ever again and experience that recurring pain.

Contact a dermatologist or hair removal specialist today in order to discuss which hair removal option is the best fit for you and your individual goals. Hair removal cream, waxing, and laser removal are all great options to consider that each offer their own unique set of benefits.