Strategies To Help Women Manage Their Incontinence Issues

Incontinence is an issue that plagues some young and middle-aged women but becomes increasingly more common for people after the age of 70. If you've experienced a couple accidents in the past and want to understandably take steps to avoid such future embarrassments, there are a number of products that can help. Adult underwear and underwear liners are an effective, non-surgical way to handle your incontinence, and there are a number of other simple strategies that you can put into place to help manage this issue. Here are some ideas for you to consider implementing as you work to better manage your incontinence.

Do Your Exercises

Kegel exercises are an ideal way for women to strengthen the muscles around their pelvic floor to have better control when an urge to urinate occurs. These exercises are ideal because you can perform them virtually anywhere, and even when you're urinating. As you sit on the toilet, tighten your pelvic floor muscles to stop the flow of your urine. Notice the sensation that your body goes through, as this will help you realize which muscles you need to be targeting. Then, throughout the day, work on tightening these muscles and holding them for several seconds. Over time, this simple exercise will provide more strength in this region and reduce the risk of an accident.

Don't Strain Yourself

Straining your body can be a problem when you're dealing with incontinence, as the pressure that you experience could allow some urine to escape from your bladder. Try to think twice about lifting heavy objects — if you're in your 70s, someone should ideally be doing the heavy lifting for you, anyway. Keep this rule in mind when you're playing with grandchildren; it may be tempting to lift them for a cuddle, but doing so could lead to an accident.

Skip The Caffeine

Do your best to eliminate caffeine from your diet. People who have incontinence will often feel a strong, sudden urge to urinate soon after consuming caffeine. If you're in a location that isn't conducive to using the bathroom — such as your car — you could be at risk of having an accident or, at the very least, being highly uncomfortable. Many people strictly associate caffeine with coffee, but there are some other products that you should try to eliminate. Many types of tea and soft drinks, as well as chocolate, are sources of caffeine that could risk affecting your body in this manner.