Target These Areas For Massage If You Play Baseball

If your baseball season is in full swing this summer, you're likely having a blast — but you also might have sore muscles to show for it. While a dedicated stretching regimen before each game can help limber up your muscles and relieve stiffness and soreness, there's nothing better than scheduling a massage to reduce this discomfort. You don't have to wait until the end of the season to book an appointment with a local massage therapist. By getting this treatment during the season, you can often experience more range of motion and less pain, which will help you succeed on the baseball diamond. Here are some areas to ask to have massaged.


When you swing the bat at the plate, much of your power comes from your glutes. If they're tight and sore, your power will be limited — which could mean that you're hitting singles instead of home runs. Ask your massage therapist to apply some deep pressure to your glutes. He or she will likely be able to find some restrictions in the muscle and concentrate on loosening them, which will free up these muscles to help you deliver when it's your turn at bat.


The pectoral muscles in your chest are engaged regularly throughout the game of baseball. They play a role when you swing, when you throw and when you catch. When your pecs are sore, you'll often have trouble putting much power behind your throws, which is detrimental regardless of the position you're playing on the baseball diamond. Your massage therapist can concentrate on working out any knots in these muscles to improve your range of motion. You'll feel more in the flow of things in the field and at the plate, which can help your game.


Tight hamstrings plague many baseball players of all levels, and the concern of contending with tight hamstrings when you're playing is that you can easily pull one of these muscles in the rear of your upper leg when you're running the bases or chasing after a fly ball in the outfield. A pulled hamstring can put you on the sidelines indefinitely, so it's a good idea to have your massage therapist spend part of your appointment working on these muscles. Hamstrings can often require plenty of pressure to release the knots, so you therapist may use his or her forearms or even elbows to dig deeply into these large muscles and loosen them up.