Knee Pain Got You Down? 3 Reasons You May Need Custom Foot Orthotics

If walking has become unbearable due to a knee injury, you might want to think about your feet. You might be wondering what your feet have to do with knee pain. It's actually quite simple. Your feet are responsible for propelling your body forward. When you walk, all the pressure is placed on your feet and then dispersed throughout your legs. If your feet aren't cared for properly, your knees will endure additional pain. That's where custom orthotics come in. Custom orthotics can provide your feet with the support they need to propel your body forward without causing knee pain. Here are three ways that custom orthotics can help alleviate knee pain.

Changes the Distribution of Force

Each time you step down, the force of the step is sent through your foot and then up through your ankle. If the distribution of force is off balance, the weight of your steps will not be evenly distributed, which means that your knees will endure more pressure than they need to. Foot orthotics will change the distribution of the force by keeping your foot in proper balance.

Acts as a Cushion

If you are a heavy stepper, your feet receive a heavy jolt each time to take a step. If your feet aren't properly cushioned, that jolt of force is sent up through your ankles into the rest of your legs. When that happens, your knees will experience an increase in pressure, which can cause knee pain. Custom orthotics provide additional cushioning to your feet, which ensures that the force of each step will be absorbed into that cushioning, instead of up into your knees.

Realigns the Foot and Ankle

In order to work efficiently, your feet and ankles need to be properly aligned. That means that each time you take a step, your feet and ankles should rotate and flex together. When your feet and ankles are misaligned, the flexing and rotations can result in pain. If you suffer from over-pronation – the rolling in of the foot – the pain can be excruciating, especially when the over-pronation causes the knee to rotate improperly. Custom orthotics fit around the foot to keep your foot from rolling in. Once your foot and ankle are properly aligned, your knees will be able to flex and rotate properly.

If you suffer from knee pain, you should have your feet looked at. Custom foot orthotics can help protect your feet, so they can protect your knees. For more information on custom orthotics, contact a company like Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois.