A Look At Common Psoriasis Triggers And How To Avoid Them

Medications can go a long way towards clearing up your psoriasis, but if you're not also careful to avoid psoriasis triggers, you are likely to still suffer from breakouts. Everyone's triggers are a bit different, but here's a look at some very common psoriasis triggers and what you can do to avoid them.

Excessive Alcohol

Many people find that they can have one or two alcoholic beverages, but if they have any more than that, their psoriasis will worsen. Keeping alcohol intake in check can be a challenge, but these tips can help.

  • After having an alcoholic beverage or two, start ordering soda water with a lemon or lime at the bar. People will assume you're drinking a gin or vodka and tonic, so you won't have to answer the question "why aren't you drinking?" fifteen times.
  • Purchase some non-alcoholic wine or beer to keep at home so you can keep indulging all night with friends and family members when they drink -- but still avoid breakouts.
  • Make your own drinks very weak. Sipping soda with a splash of vodka rather than a strong martini allows you to extend the experience.

Excessive Sunlight

A day at the beach or a run in the sunshine can easily trigger a breakout for most psoriasis sufferers. In order to avoid sun-related breakouts, you need to make long sleeves and sunscreen your best friends. Purchase some long-sleeved shirts that are comfortable and breathable so you don't mind wearing them when it's warm out. And also experiment with different sunscreens until you find a formula that is absorbed into your skin well and does not feel greasy. You'll be more likely to actually wear it if it's comfortable. Your dermatologist may be able to recommend a formula that has worked for other psoriasis patients.


From work-related stress to overwhelming family situations, feelings of anxiety and stress are almost certain to trigger breakouts. To better cope with stress, you need to adopt a stress-busting behavior you can turn to whenever things get tense or you start to feel a bit overwhelmed. This could be taking a few minutes out to meditate, squeezing a stress ball, going for a run, or listening to a favorite song. The more you turn to your stress-busting behavior, the more second nature it will become – and the fewer breakouts you'll have.

To learn more about common psoriasis triggers and how to avoid them, speak with a skin care expert.

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