You Are An Avid Swimmer Who Just Got Hearing Aids -- Now What?

Getting hearing aids can hugely enhance your quality of life, especially if you've gone through a prolonged period of struggling to hear. The benefits of hearing aids notwithstanding, it can take you a bit of a period of adjustment to knowing how to manage these devices. If you're an avid swimmer, you'll need to remember that hearing aids and water don't mix. While you'll occasionally see advertisements for waterproof hearing aids, the majority of these devices shouldn't be exposed to water. This shouldn't pose a reason to give up on your swimming hobby, but it does mean that you'll need to change your approach a bit.

Get In The Habit Of Removing The Hearing Aids

The last thing you want to do is jump into the water and panic as you realize your hearing aids are still in place. It's important to shift your mindset as you get ready to go swimming -- just as you need to get your swimsuit and towel, you'll also need to remove your hearing aids. If you're concerned that you'll forget this important step, tie a piece of string around your swimsuit -- it will remind you that there's one more task to complete.

Find A Safe Place For Them

You need to ensure that your hearing aids are kept in a safe, dry location while you're swimming. It stands to reason that you want them nearby so you don't go without them for long before your swim, but you should be mindful of the damp environment around the water. For example, if you're swimming in a backyard pool, the hearing aids might get wet if left on a patio table if children are splashing around the pool. Always leave them in their case and put them in a safe spot. If you have glasses, it can be useful to keep them with your glasses.

Be Patient Before Using Them Again

When you get out of the water, you might be eager to slip your hearing aids back into place, but you need to remember that your ears are wet and thus not an ideal environment for these devices. Speed up the drying process with your towel or by shaking your head, but wait until your ears feel dry before using your hearing aids again. In the event that you put them in place before realizing your ears are still wet, remove the hearing aids and put them in a dry place. You should never try to accelerate the drying process with a hair dryer or other heated device.

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