5 Things To Do Before And After Cataract Surgery

Most people who have scheduled cataract surgery are nervous about the surgery itself, and look forward to the recovery period that follows. Although this is an entirely natural attitude, patients with cataracts should know that there are many things they should be doing both before and after the surgery. Read on below to discover just five things that you can do to better prepare for (and better recover from) cataract surgery.

Follow Diet Restrictions

Restrictions on pre-surgery diet are some of the easiest rules to follow, yet they also tend to be the rules that are most frequently disregarded. If you find that you easily forget things, write down notes to yourself, such as a reminder to not consume alcohol for 24 hours before surgery, or eat breakfast on the morning of the surgery (unless your surgeon has allowed it, of course). Also remember to clear any daily medications with your doctor as soon as you schedule the surgery.

Maintain Basic Hygiene

If your surgery is in the morning, don't forget to take a shower and wash your hair before heading out the door. Maintaining hygiene even in the simplest ways makes for a clean surgical environment, and lessens the chance that complications will arise after the surgery. 

Clear Your Schedule

Make sure that you arrange with your employer to take a full day off work on the day of the surgery. Some people assume that they can do light tasks at work just a few hours after surgery, but that assumption is far from reality. In fact, immediately following cataract surgery, you won't be able to drive home, so be sure to also arrange a ride with someone whose schedule is also clear that day.

Follow Up

It's normal to feel groggy immediately after surgery, and very possible that you may not be able to drive for a full day afterwards. Make sure that you have someone who can pick up the necessary prescriptions for you, as well as drive you to a follow-up appointment the day after surgery if necessary.

Practice Adjusting

To help speed up the adjustment process, there are several things you can do. To help improve near vision after cataract surgery, sit down for a while to read a book or write a letter. Even something as simple as watching television can help improve intermediate vision, while watching a movie in a theater can improve long distance vision. 

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