How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Eliminate Warts On Your Feet

Having a wart on the bottom of your foot is not an uncommon thing, but it can be annoying and embarrassing. If you are looking for a natural way to get rid of your wart, you may want to try using apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has two key qualities that make it an effective ingredient for wart removal.

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a product made from apples and yeast. After it ferments, it creates a vinegar product, which has two important qualities that are useful in eliminating warts:

  1. It is an acetic acid – All types of vinegars are highly acidic, but apple cider vinegar typically contains a higher acid level than distilled vinegar.
  2. It kills bacteria – Apple cider vinegar can be used as a disinfectant for cleaning your house or cleaning wounds, and it is highly effective at killing bacteria.

When you use apple cider vinegar to kill a wart, you should realize that it does not actually kill the wart. Instead, it frees the wart from the skin, which causes the wart to work its way out. If used properly, apple cider vinegar will make the wart fall off.

How do you use it to kill a wart?

There are several different ways to use apple cider vinegar for wart removal, but here is a method that may help you get rid of your wart in less than a week:

  1. Place two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a small cup.
  2. Soak a cotton ball in the cup of vinegar so that it is saturated.
  3. File the wart and clean it with soap and water.
  4. Place petroleum jelly around the wart, avoiding getting it on the wart itself.
  5. Position the wet cotton ball on the wart and secure it in place with a small bandage
  6. Leave the cotton ball on the wart overnight and remove it the next morning.

You should repeat this six-step process each night until the wart is gone. After a couple of days, the wart should begin turning black. This happens as the skin starts pushing the wart out, and it may take around one week for it to completely fall out.

The downside to this method is that it can be very harsh because apple cider vinegar is so acidic. If it is too harsh for you, stop using this method and call a podiatrist. A podiatrist like Pinker & Associates can remove the wart for you, and there are several different methods foot doctors use for this.