An Easy-To-Do Mini Trampoline Workout

If you have recently purchased a mini trampoline to help you start exercising in your home, you will need to compile a routine to use when you exercise. It is a good idea to exercise three or times a week. Consider putting on some music while you exercise to help keep you motivated. Here are some easy exercises you can do as a routine on your mini trampoline.

Warming Up

Start by doing small bounces on your mini trampoline at a slow rate. Do this for an entire five minutes so your body gets accustomed to the bouncing motion and to quicken your heart rate. Keep your feet on the mini trampoline while you are bouncing.

Start With A Jog

Now that your heart rate has increased, you can start moving around on the mini trampoline by jogging. Start off slow and increase the speed of your jog over time. Lean back as you jog so you do not lose your balance. Lift your legs up higher and higher as you jog to give yourself a great cardiovascular workout.

Add Some Jumping Jacks

Doing jumping jacks on a floor can hurt your back and joints. When doing on them on a mini trampoline, the impact is absorbed by the bouncing motion. Start by jumping in place for a minute so you get used to the rhythm of the bouncing motion. Start by raising your arms so they are parallel to the ground every time you are bouncing in the air. After you have done this several times, add your legs by spreading them apart as you jump. Your body will resemble the letter "X" each time you are in the air. 

Knee Lifts

To strengthen your abdominal muscles, add some knee lifts to your bouncing routine. Start by lifting both legs up together when you bounce. The next bounce, lift your left leg. Do another bounce with both legs. Then lift your right leg for the next. Alternate between both legs and single legs several times. Add a twist to your torso to give your abdominal muscles a greater workout.

Weight Training

Add some five-pound weights to your routine when you become coordinated enough to use them without injury. Simply hold them in your hands as you do jumping jacks and jogs. You can get ankle weights to help strengthen your legs when doing knee lifts, as well.

Cool Down

Stop your mini trampoline workout with a cool down routine. Slow the pace of your bounce until you are bouncing lightly as you did with the warm up routine. You will feel your heart rate slow down as you slow down your pace.