Know What To Expect: No Guesswork In Plastic Surgery With 3D Imaging

More Americans struggle with body image issues, which have led to a spike in plastic surgeries being performed from 2.1 million procedures performed in 1997 to 9.2 million procedures performed in 2011. Many patients often get multiple surgeries to correct previous ones that may not have turned out how they had hoped. With 3D imaging plastic surgery, the guesswork can be completely eliminated, and you'll know what to expect every single time.

How Is 3D Imaging Performed?

Before proceeding with the surgery that you have requested, most plastic surgeons will want to double check by performing 3D imaging. Several high-resolution and 3-dimensional images of your body will be captured on a camera and inputted into the system in order to create a virtual model.

Using specialized technology, the plastic surgeon will be able to make the modifications necessary for you to get a good idea of how you will look after the surgery is performed. Keep in mind that just because a surgery did wonders for someone else, it may not mean that it can do wonders for you.

What Are The Benefits of Obtaining a 3D Imaging?

While you can easily skip the 3D imaging process, most plastic surgeons highly recommend it because:

  • You will have no doubts on how you'll look. At times, patients may have an image in their head of what the surgery can do for them only to find out later that they are not happy with the results. 3D imaging can help you avoid getting the wrong surgeries.
  • You can easily determine whether additional modifications are necessary and reduce guesswork. Let's say that you believe that you want to augment your breasts from an A cup to a D cup. It can be hard to visualize just how the augmentation will look. With 3D imaging, you'll be able to determine whether there are slight adjustments that need to be made even if you have the right surgery.
  • Save time and money. Your consultations are much more effective, and you'll be able to save time and money that would otherwise be spent trying to determine what the outcome of the surgery may be.


Many American women are interested in making slight modifications to their bodies in an attempt to improve their self-esteem and body image issues. Just to make sure that you'll be happy with what you get, obtain a 3D imaging before proceeding with the surgery. You'll save yourself a lot of time and headaches.