2 Cosmetic Procedures That Will Help You Restore Confidence In Your Smile

Everyone knows that dental health is important, but would you be surprised to discover that tooth decay is the second most common disease in the United States? If left unchecked, decaying teeth can lead to serious infection and become unsightly.

If you have teeth that you are afraid to show in public, then a trip to a cosmetic dentist might be just the thing to restore your confidence once again. Here are two popular procedures you can take advantage of to help you love your smile once again.

1. Tooth Colored Fillings

Gone are the days when dentists were forced to use silver or gold fillings to address tooth decay. If you have cavities that were filled with a metal amalgam, you can have these fillings replaced with tooth colored porcelain or composite resin to restore the beauty of your smile.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider investing in tooth colored fillings:

  • Bonding- Metal amalgam fillings used by dentists in the past were unable to bond with the surface of your natural tooth. Since amalgam fillings simply rest on the surface of the tooth, a tight seal cannot be achieved. This leaves room for pesky bacteria to find their way underneath the metal filling, causing infection. Modern porcelain and composite resin fillings are chemically engineered to bond with your tooth's enamel. Not only will these tooth colored fillings look more attractive, they will help prevent infection as well.  
  • Restoration- Because tooth colored fillings are able to properly bond with existing enamel, a skilled cosmetic dentist can rebuild a tooth that has been broken or chipped. This restoration process allows you to enjoy the benefits that come from having a healthy smile.

2. Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Did you know that it's possible to alter the appearance of your gum line? Today's skilled cosmetic dentists are able to accomplish this task through periodontal plastic surgery. If you are ashamed of your receding gum line, here are some things that should factor into your decision regarding periodontal plastic surgery:

  • Health Benefits- Not only will periodontal plastic surgery improve the appearance of your gums, this procedure will also improve the function of your gum tissue as well. Tissue that is inflamed as a result of periodontal disease is removed during periodontal plastic surgery, and healthy gum tissue is reconstructed to provide better support for teeth. This helps to prolong the life of each tooth.  
  • Appearance- Those who suffer from periodontal disease often develop pockets between the tooth and gum line. These pockets can cause a sunken-in appearance that ages the individual. By investing in periodontal plastic surgery, these pockets can be removed, restoring your gums to their pre-periodontal disease appearance.

Going through life with a smile that you are ashamed of can affect your social and emotional well-being. Work with a cosmetic dentist to discover the procedures that will help you regain confidence in the appearance of your teeth and gums.